X-finity Router Setup

Comcast offers X-finity subscribers an abundance of modems, routers or modem-router combo depending upon your requirement. Your X-finity modem can be installed in two ways – by an Ethernet cable or by connecting your modem to a cable and power source and then connecting your device to the wireless network.

Comcast Xfinity

1. Make sure you are connected to your router.
> This can be a wired or wireless connection.

2.Open your internet browser and type in your address bar.
> This is the router's gateway and it will automatically bring up the login screen for your Comcast x-finity router.

3. Enter Username and Password
> Username: admin
> Password: password

4. Now once you log into your device, you will see it is asking you to change password  So, proceed and change the password.


How To Change Comcast x-finity WiFi Password?

Follow these four steps to login into your Comcast X-finity WiFi Router

1.Open on your internet browser.

2.Now login using username - admin and Password - password.

3.Now you need click on wireless network security.

4.Type new Password and confirm it to change your WiFi password.





X-Finity Router Setup

Step 1: Connecting your modem

Connect one end of the coaxial cable provided in your installation kit to your cable TV coax outlet and the other to the cable connector situated on the back of your modem. After that, plug the power adaptor of the modem into a power outlet. As soon as you do this, the modem should get switched on. Once it’s connected with the Xfinity network, the ‘Online’ light on the front of the device will light up.

Step 2: Setting Up your Network

Depending on the router or modem supplied to you by Comcast, you can either connect your computer with the ethernet cord or you can connect your devices wirelessly. If you want to connect only one computer to the internet, and if its situated close to the modem, you can opt to connect it using the ethernet cord provided in your Xfinity self-install kit. If you want to connect multiple computers and internet supporting devices, you can choose to use the ethernet cable as well as wireless connections. You can connect all your devices wirelessly as well.

Step 3: Connecting to your Network

Your Xfinity modem and router combo device came with a preset network name and password. You can locate this information on a sticker on the bottom of your device. The first field on this sticker is the Network Name (SSID). Please make sure you’re connecting to the correct SSID while searching for wireless networks on your computer or mobile. Once you connect to your device’s SSID, you’ll be asked to enter the Network Key – which is also written on the sticker on the bottom of the device. On entering this information, you can connect to the wireless network on any device that you want to. You won’t require a password if you connect your computer using the ethernet cord.

Step 4: Customizing the Settings

You can change the name and password of your network by logging in to “HTTP://" The default username to access the router settings is “admin” and the password is “password”. Once you’re logged in, you can personalize and change your Network’s SSID and password. Doing so will override the original network name and password written on the sticker on the bottom of the router. In case you forget your network’s password in the future, reset the device to factory settings. This will return the device to default settings.

Things to Consider

Comcast may need to send a technician to your home to connect you to the network if your house is not prewired for cable TV or if you don’t already subscribe to X-finity services. Before you order a self-install kit, please do check with Comcast directly if any of these apply to you.